Depending on the artist and their ‟model”, sketches, videos or photos are produced, according to which the picture is to take shape. This can be done in a personal encounter, or if the journey is too time-consuming or not possible, the photos and films can be sent by e-mail. The ideal way for the painting to be realised is for the model to sit for it. While this may be a time-consuming experience, it is usually a very pleasant one; it could even be considered a part of the gift, if that is what the picture is to be!

The many moments and angles are condensed into a character image which, very differently from photography, can show ideal situations or several angle simultaneously. The media available are wide and diverse, as is the execution: studies or paintings, mixed media or airy water colours – all are unique and will become ever more valuable as the years pass.

In our Galerie, you will find portraits by our artists in a wide range of different sizes and media.

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