Amelia Kilvington, 2017

Fotodruck aus der Serie „As good as new“, 21 x 28cm

Nicht vorrätig

…when my son was six months old and I was sleep deprived to the extreme, I cut his little tiny finger nails and with horror realised I’d misjudged and cut the skin on his thumb; there was a horrific moment when he cried and I realised I really had done it and then I couldn’t stop crying for hours. And now every single time I cut his nails this event swims into view before my eyes and even though he knows what happened (I have told him what I did) he happily gives his hands to me with a total sense of trust and I am always amazed at this. The stresses of being a parent can put everything else into perspective and at times like this you realise what it is that truly matters…

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