Shaun Brosnan

I work with sheet lead because it is such a lovely sensual material.
I wanted to find a material that was permanent and direct and wasn’t reliant
on the casting process, always a dilemma with sculpture.
I start with a flat sheet and hang it up in mid-air, then beat it with hammers
both from the front and back. Each piece is unique and the piece of lead
I am using at the time dictates the size and feel of the sculpture.
I use old and new lead depending what mood I’m in.
I really like the hammer marks and try to be true to the material
by incorporating all the holes and defects in the lead.
My work is figurative and mouths and lips obsess me.
I am hugely inspired by the sculpture of ancient Greece and Rome and the way
in which we are able to look at fragments of things and understand them.
I think that everyone has an imagination and should be able to make up
their own stories about my work…

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