David A. Kilvington

I was once told, by one of my tutors, that things came too easily for me, it was not meant to be complimentary. Thirty odd years later I have come to realise how wrong he was. As I often have little or no contact with the outside world I can ignore the social restrictions that curtail most, and can often be found in my nightshirt, dressing gown and slippers, peeling oranges at ten minutes to mid-day.

David trained in fine art painting at the University of Brighton. Since leaving in 1991 he has held a number of successful international solo and group shows. He deploys formal composition, lustrous colour and a superb painting skill to create artworks that push the boundaries of figurative art, displaying a strong painterly quality, supported by observational skills, drawing and a highly inventive imagination. His paintings often examine the abstruse unfolding of characters, always friends, confidants and his familiars; the paintings involve elements of eroticism, dark humour and keen observation. The narrative can be equivocal and double-edged. Disquiet, watchfulness and tension are implicit. ‘I am fascinated in how people are, the way they occupy space, how drama might be locked in the seemingly unexceptional, and to see if it can be revealed. I am intrigued by the alchemy at this moment of transformation.‘

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