Monique Schumacher

Born in The Hague, NL 1957, Austrian roots. As a child musical education and Conservatorium The Hague. Autodidact in Painting.

1998 First painting
1998 First price National Talent painting competition
1999 Artist in Residence, Bundeskanzleramt, Vienna
2000 Soloexposition Galerie 1000 Rosen, Vienna
2001 National-Bibliothek Vienna, 2 portraits from the Dutch royalties, for the exposition *500 Jahre Oranien*
2001 Television Portrait about my work, ORF 1

Between 2001 and 2012 exhibitions, solo and in group, in The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France and USA

Lives in Vienna, Tuscany and The Netherlands.

Vienna Opera, Several private acquisitions, Netherland Embassy, Vienna

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